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About Us

Bhasin & Associates is a leading full service law firm based at Delhi, India. The law firm was set up with the sole intention of making available top notch legal services. Bhasin & Associates believes in crafting realistic solutions for their clients. The advocates at Bhasin & Associates have wide experience in handling complex legal challenges for corporate and individual clients. The law firm has multiple areas of practice and always strives for excellence in all that it does. The law firm uses multiple legal software like AIR, SCC Online, Lawfinder etc. for legal research and purposes of remaining updated with the latest judgments.

About the Founder Mr. Avinash. C. Bhasin

He is the founder of Bhasin & Associates. He has rich legal experience of more than 45 years. His professional experience consists of countless court appearances and thousands of successful defenses and satisfied clients. He believes that each and every case cannot be won through trial, but results can be achieved through alternative resolution methods also. He is always viewed by his clients as an honest and fair advisor, problem solver and believes in providing highest quality of care and best possible results. He is always thorough with his briefs while presenting in courts and likes to remain updated with the latest laws and judgments. He is a meticulous worker and tirelessly put efforts to achieve best results for his clients.

Mr. Avinash. C. Bhasin
( Founder )

Mr. Amit Bhasin
( Senior Associate )

About Amit Bhasin (B.A.L.L.B(Hons.), LLM) (Senior Associate)

Mr. Amit Bhasin is a Senior Associate at Bhasin & Associates. In his pivotal role in the law firm, he has been involved enthusiastically in advising leading corporate organizations and individual clients on a wide spectrum of legal matters. He has rich and diverse professional experience of over 17 years. He has extensive litigation experience and recognized by his clients as thorough reader of his brief and one who always want to remain a step ahead. He always believe in giving fair advice to his clients. He always strategize in a way to deliver excellent client service. He thrives on managing complicated disputes.