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Practice Areas


Dispute resolution by Arbitration has gained major prominence over the last decade. The law firm has experienced advocates to deal with this alternative dispute resolution method. The team of advocates at Bhasin & Associates have great knowledge of law governing arbitration. The law firm has successfully represented its clients, be it may be getting the appointment of arbitrator done through court or effectively file/pursue the arbitration proceedings.


Divorce is the legal separation of the married couple under the laws of the nation. When a court pronounces a couple divorced, with that it ends the marital connection between the spouses. In India law governing divorce is mainly governed by Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939, Indian Divorce Act, 1869 and Special Marriage Act, 1956. The law firm has experienced advocates who drafts divorce petitions and actively represent the clients in court.


The law firm has advocates who have in depth knowledge of Indian Laws governing alimony and have decades of litigation experience in this branch of law.


The right of custody of a child is the right which is granted by the court to a parent to care of the child. Child custody issues can arise during divorce, separation, parental death cases etc. The laws of custody in India are majorly governed by Guardian And Wards Act, 1890, Hindu Minority And Guardianship Act, 1956, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Special Marriage Act, 1954, Divorce Act, 1869. The law firm’s advocates have requisite expertise in respect of child custody litigations.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to acts of aggression or some form of abuse, which includes physical, mental, and sexual abuse that is committed within the home, such as in a marriage or cohabitation. Abuse is defined as physical, sexual, emotional, financial, or psychological acts or threats against another individual. In India, provisions penalizing acts of domestic violence are covered under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code and Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act. Particularly, the Domestic Violence Act has been established to protect women against the domestic violence faced at home or any domestic setting. The sole purpose of introducing these provisions was to make a significant change in the patriarchal society and protect women from any kind of domestic violence inflicted by her husband, live-in boyfriend or in-laws. The law firm has successfully represented its clients in this branch of law. The law firm has experienced advocates to draft petitions under the Domestic Violence Act and represent the clients in court.

Cyber Laws

To put it simply it is the law of internet. The law firm has advocates with requisite expertise to advice and provide solution in respect of different cyber-crimes to its clients.

White Collar Crimes

The Law firm has a strong litigation practice with its team of experienced advocate advising clients in the field of White Collar Crimes.

Criminal Laws

The phrase "criminal law" refers to offences that can result in punishment/penalties. Criminal law, as opposed to civil law, is a body of laws that deals with the punishment of those who commit crimes established mainly under the Indian Penal Code. Code of Criminal Procedure, on the other hand, explains the procedure of enforcing criminal legislation. The Indian Penal Code, 1860, the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, and the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 are the three primary legislations that governs criminal law in India. The law firm has advocates with decades of experience to represent their clients in all kinds of criminal litigation. The advocates have successfully conducted trials for their clients in respect of offences U/s. 302, 420, 468, 471, 498-A etc. of the Indian Penal Code.

Commercial Suits

The Commercial Courts Act, 2015 was presented by the government to create a unique form of court for business matters under which Commercial Courts were established. Various provisions of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908, have been revised by the Commercial Courts Act, 2015, to regulate the conduct of commercial suits. The law firm’s advocates have great experience of handling suits governed by the Commercial Courts Act, 2015, and have successfully filed/ defended high stake suits for their clients.

Rent Laws

The Rental Law applies to both commercial and residential properties, and it uses civil rules to resolve any tenant-landlord conflicts. Many of the states in India, have local rent legislations. For example, Maharashtra's Rent Control Act of 1999, Delhi's Rent Control Act of 1958, Tamil Nadu's Buildings Lease and Rent Control Act of 1960 etc. The law firm has advocates with expertise in dealing with rent law litigation, be it may be filing of eviction petitions on the ground of bonafide requirement on behalf of landlord, defending the eviction petitions on behalf of the tenants, drafting leave to defend applications, rent agreements, filing of revision petitions before the Hon’ble High Court etc.

Intellectual Property Rights

The law firm advises both individual and corporate clients on various Intellectual Property Rights. The law firm has experienced advocates to pursue/file suits for infringement of trademark, copyrights etc.

Cheque Bounce

Over the last decade, the cheque bounce litigation has seen a multifold increase. The offence relating to bouncing of cheque is covered by the Negotiable Instruments Act,1881. In accordance with Section 138 of the said act, person committing the offence can be punished with maximum imprisonment of 2 years or with fine which may be twice the amount of cheque or with both imprisonment and fine. The law firm has its team of experienced advocates who actively pursue the cases Under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, and try to achieve best results in minimal time for their clients.

Accident Claims

The Fatal Accidents Act, 1885, was enacted in India to provide effective rights to those who were injured or died in an accident. This Act simply established a method and a legal right for specified legal heirs to seek compensation from the negligent party. This enactment has been successful in India for a long time. Because of the rise in automation and the resulting losses of life and property in accidents, it was decided that an effective law should be enacted to provide relief to accident victims. Moreover, the infamous Motor Vehicles Act, has explicitly laid down provisions for accident claims to right the wrongs. The law firm has advocates having decades of litigation experience to deal with this branch of law.

Real Estate

The law firm has experienced advocates for dealing with real estate litigations. The law firm has advocates with requisite expertise to draft different kinds of agreements, contracts etc. for their clients.

Sports & Entertainment

Currently, we find that India's sports sector is very competitive and has a worldwide footprint. In India, there have been lawsuits over broadcasting rights and arbitrary measures by sports officials. Sports law is a specialized practice that deals with legal issues in the entertainment and sports-related businesses. Bhasin & Associates has considerable experience in handling such issues.


e-Commerce, often known as electronic commerce or online commerce, is the purchasing and selling of goods and services over the internet or other open networks. It is the fastest growing and most dynamic commercial interaction platform in the country. In India, to ensure the interruption free working of the e-commerce industry, several provisions have been laid down under various Acts and Regulations like FEMA, Indian Contract Act, Income Tax Act, FDI Policies, Information Technology Act, and more. The law firm advises the startups and other organizations in respect of various issues and law revolving around e-commerce.

Legal Consultancy

The law firm provides legal consultancy to its various clients, be it large corporate groups or individual clients, covering various branches of law. Bhasin & Associates believes in giving fair legal consultancy to its clients without fearing that the fair legal advice may or may not add to the law firm’s esteemed client list. Timely and fair legal consultation has saved many of our clients from indulging into costly litigation.


The law firm has experienced advocates who draft different types of agreements ranging from joint venture, arbitration, non-disclosure, appointment letters, terms and conditions of employment, lease agreement, etc. for their clients. On litigation side, all the drafting of pleadings, appeals SLP’s etc. is being done by the founder or senior associates of the firm.

Trial Advocacy

The law firm has experienced advocates to represent their clients in complex civil, criminal, matrimonial, commercial, rent etc. cases, and conduct trial, before various courts in India.