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SPS Kalra

Director, Metalic Impressions India Pvt Ltd.
I am pleased to write this for Bhasin & Associates, and particularly for Mr.Avinash.C.Bhasin and Mr.Amit Bhasin. From the beginning to the end, I felt confident in my legal representation and was highly satisfied with the service they provided. They promptly replied to my initial request for consultation, and I was immediately impressed by their respectfulness, transparency, and the time they have given to understand each & every detail about my case. Throughout the proceedings, Bhasin & Associates took the time to understand my case, and promptly developed an effective and impressive plan.The team of advocates at Bhasin & Associates works diligently and always takes the time to explain the legal minutiae that I am highly unfamiliar with. I enthusiastically recommend Bhasin & Associates to my clients, friends and everyone else for their legal needs.

Pawan Sharma

We, the entire members of our family, are writing to express our gratitude for the legal assistance provided by Bhasin & Associates and their skilled team to us since 1984. They were the only ones who could completely understand us, when no one else could, and the team saw our pain and guided us correctly. It has been a journey of dedicated assistance by the team to our company, as well as our individual cases. We suggest Bhasin & Associates for all legal issues, including civil lawsuits, property issues, criminal offences, and marital issues.
Thank you, Bhasin & Associates, for being not just our lawyers, but also a member of my family at this time. I value how much you care about our safety and well-being as a family member. We all want to express our deepest gratitude to you and hope that you would consider yourself an extended member of our family.
I would strongly suggest Bhasin & Associates to anybody looking for legal professionals. I was pleased with their response to my problem, which was courteous and transparent. They instantly took over a tough matter and handled it themselves, relieving my worries. Equally, I was engaged in every phase of the process, so I was aware of what was going on. I knew I could count on them to get the finest results while easing what can be a gruelling procedure. They genuinely understand their clients' needs and preserve openness by giving invoices, case summaries, and recommendations on a regular basis.

Prop. Sh. ArvindSud

Destiny Science
I met Mr. Avinash.C.Bhasin through one of my students almost 18 years back, in respect of a frivolous case filed by one of my employees. The way Mr. Bhasinhandled the case, it was really amazing. Ultimately, I won the case in a short span of 6 months. I am still very grateful to Mr.Bhasin from the core of my heart. I strongly recommend everyone to blindly take the services of Bhasin & Associates. I can assure you that you are in the safest hands. God bless you sir🙏


Chief Manager, PSU Bank
I would totally recommend Bhasin & Associates to anyone seeking experts in legal issues. I was delighted at their friendly and open approach to my issue. They immediately took what was a very stressful situation and handled it themselves, easing the stress on me. At the same time, I was involved at every step of the way, so I knew what was going on. I knew I could rely on them to achieve the best outcome, whilst smoothing what can be a very painful process. They truly understand the need of the clients and maintain transparency.


Partner, Mahindra Watch Company
I had engaged Bhasin & Associates for my more than two decades pending property dispute case, filed by my grandfather. When I came into picture, after expiry of my grandfather, I took services of Bhasin& Associates and I was very right in my decision as we won the case and got possession of the property.I also engaged them for a cheque bounce case, in which also I recovered my money in no time. Thanks to them. The best part I had seen is both Mr.Avinash.C.Bhasin and Mr.Amit Bhasin come with thorough preparation on date of hearings and also are thoroughly prepared with strategy for case. They are very honest and transparent with clients as I had felt... Kudos to Bhasin & Associates.

Rajpreet Singh

Proprietor, Viscotex Fabrics Inc.
We would like to thank Bhasin & Associates for taking care of legal matters so efficiently and professionally. Not only were you highly professional but personable as well.

Manav Kapoor

Director of Onkar International Pvt Ltd, Delhi.
We took services of Bhasin & Associates in regard of our Company's legal issues. Advises received from them were highly helpful. They have an excellent understanding of client's requirements and they respond as per their vast experience and knowledge.
Our sincere gratitude to Mr. Avinash.C.Bhasin and Mr.Amit Bhasin. We wish a bright future to Bhasin & Associates.